joe griffith

joe griffith


The Design Process : Curvy Coffee Tables

We are all designers! Admit it or not, like it or not, it’s the truth!

Design choices, in one form or another, present themselves to us on a regular basis.

Some of these choices involve tangible items; what we decide to wear each day, the items that surround us, and how we arrange them. Others not so tangible; how we interact with others, how we handle situations. Either way, these all involve stylistic choices.

Even if we are picking from a set of options given, we are still making individual, stylistic choices. I didn’t design the shoes that I am wearing but, my picking them from the range of options available, represents a personal, stylistic choice. All these personal choices and how we choose to combine them are elements of design!

Here at, we have always found that it helps to not just establish an overall design, but also give thought to each of the elements involved and ask ourselves “Why are we making this choice?” and “How does it contribute to the whole?”.

This video explores the design process as it pertains to a our curvy coffee tables.


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